Havana Part 1: Some Shows and a Studio Visit

Sunday, July 8th, 2012

View of Havana from the roof of Espacio Tercer Piso. It’s so easy to fall into a cliché when trying to describe a city such as Havana, but one cannot help but feel as if in a time warp; a time where technology had yet to replace physical interaction and where all the luxuries of [...]

Interview with Wilfredo Prieto

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Wilfredo Prieto - Apolitico

Precione aquí para descargar entrevista en español

Wilfredo Prieto is an artist living in Havana, Cuba. He has shown his work at PSI MoMA, the Louvre Museum, the VII Havana Biennial and the Irish Museum of Modern Art in Dublin. He recently won the 2008 Cartier Foundation Award (Frieze Foundation/Gasworks Residency in London), and was also selected for the John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship in 2002. Amidst a hectic European travel schedule, I had the opportunity to converse with Wilfredo about his work.[...]

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