Hannes Zebedin

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Hannes Zebedin: Political Minimalism at AREA

This past November AREA: Lugar de Proyectos invited Austrian artist Hannes Zebedin (Lienz, 1976) to take up residence in AREA’s exhibition space in Caguas, Puerto Rico,  where he created a series of site-specific minimal interventions resulting from first-hand observation and investigation (through casual conversations) of the island’s political and socio-economic climate. Zebedin, a seasoned traveler, is often invited to international spaces and institutions to create temporary interventions that respond to particular political contexts, redefined and interpreted through the discerning eye of the ‘foreigner’ or ‘stranger.’ In this particular context, Puerto Rico’s elegantly worded yet ambiguous political status figured predominantly in Zebedin’s work.[...]

Gedi Sibony

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

Gedi Sibony - Exhibition View - ArtConcept

With his simple minimal sculptures, Gedi Sibony achieves an opening of a new, more complex concept of space. He uses packing materials and mundane objects, such as cardboard, pipes, plastic bags and carpets, to create a poetic interpretation of the surrounding environment, where ordinary objects are elevated to an elegant resourceful existence.[...]

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