On Art, Politics and Athletics: Javier Bosques & Norma Vila Rivero at METRO

Saturday, August 18th, 2012

Javier Bosques. Nueve Policías, 48” x 56”, 35mm photo in digitial C-Print

What is gained by the aesthetization of crime, politics and/or activism? In Puerto Rico, just as in many other countries around the world, many visual artists are preoccupied with the political issues at hand; not in an utopic attempt to find solutions to the problems, but rather to use art as a mirror in which, hopefully, we can see ourselves, each other and our surroundings. For Puerto Ricans, crime and politics are without a doubt an inescapable reality of everyday life. In his seminal essay on the continuous conundrum of Puerto Rican identity published in 1934 titled Insularismo, Antonio S. Pedreira  eloquently states that “since we breathe politics and live politics… we have developed an electoral attitude to measure things”[1] More than 75 years later not much has changed.[...]

METRO plataformaorganizada

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Hector Madera, Untitled, mixed media, 2009-2010 (Detail)

AREA arrives to the metropolitan area of San Juan, Puerto Rico with a new space and an innovative program. METRO plataformaorganizada is José Hernández Castrodad’s new initiative in San Juan that brings together a group of young and talented Puerto Rican artists based in Puerto Rico and abroad. METRO is a self-sustainable artist-run space to promote Puerto Rican artists locally and internationally through individual and group shows, curated projects and collaborations. Castrodad, an avid collector and art enthusiast highly respected by the local artistic community, already funds and supports AREA, an alternative art space and residency program in Caguas, Puerto Rico.[...]

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