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Broadcasting from Bed-Stuy: Live Art at Brooklynite Gallery

Monday, January 17th, 2011

Rae McGrath’s SUGAR JUNKIE; a Winnebago turned gallery turned school bus

One of the most enticing legacies of the tradition of writers and their multiple identities as graffiti artists, aerosol artists, street artists, or simply artists, is the spontaneous intensity of a particular type of art making. A certain “Live Art”, in dialogue with the moment. It is precisely this paradigm that Rae McGrath’s Brooklynite Gallery has engaged with for the last 3 years on Malcolm X Boulevard, not far from Fulton Street, in the Bedford Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. Now at a crossroads, McGrath is looking to take this living art practice into new territory.[...]

AO& at an abandoned storefront in NYC

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

View from my end of the table at AO&’s curated dinner

Coming down from Chelsea Piers on a taxi on my way down to NYC’s Lower East Side, I wasn’t sure where exactly I was supposed to meet my friend for dinner. She told me earlier that evening to be there at 8pm, but I had just finished working a fair and wasn’t sure if I could be there on time. Arriving at Broome and Forsyth, there was no restaurant in sight. Looking around, I saw a couple that seemed just as lost as I was. “Are you here for the dinner?”  ”Yeah,” I replied. As we called our respective friend, a door opened on Broome right next to Simon Preston’s gallery inviting us in. Walking up the stairs, (this was no restaurant I realized), we arrived at an abandoned storefront set-up with a makeshift kitchen and a long nicely lit dining table. This was no ordinary dinner. It was the performance/experiential work of the Austrian collective AO&; a part of their Fall residency at Simon Preston Gallery.[...]

The Street’s Ivory Tower: Carlos “Mare139” Rodriguez, Iona Rozeal Brown and Martha Diaz

Monday, December 20th, 2010
Carlos “Mare139” Rodriguez, WU/StyleWriter, an illegal public sculpture in Wuppertal Germany.

One of the hardest working women in New York City is Martha Diaz. Dedicated to community empowerment through institution building for over a decade, her most recent project, The Hip-Hop Education Center for Research, Evaluation, and Training [H2ED Center], finds her in partnership with New York University. Launched in June 2010 at New York University’s Metropolitan Center for Urban Education [Metro Center] in the Steinhardt School for Culture, Education, and Human Behavior, The H2ED Center is the premiere institute formed to explore and advocate the potential of Hip-Hop education.[...]

The City Proper

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

We are happy to continue our partnership with DailyServing, an international forum for the contemporary arts based in California. Today we feature an article written by Catherine Wagley on the exhibition The City Proper currently on view at West Hollywood’s Margo Leavin Gallery. Read on… it’s good.

Ger van Elk, “The Co-Founder of the Word O.K.-Hollywood,” 3 color photographs, 1971.. Courtesy the Artist and Margo Leavin Gallery, Los Angeles. Photo: by Brian Forrest.

The first time I visited downtown Los Angeles, I was surprised by its bareness. A friend and I, both of us art students, had driven in from Claremont for an opening, tackling the congested Santa Monica freeway for the first time, too. A fellow student and L.A. veteran had warned us that, even if we experienced smooth sailing through Covina, we’d hit an out-of-nowhere stand still once we’d “cleared that hill and past the Westfield [mall].” He was right, and we slowed to a laborious crawl 20 miles from the city. Braving traffic felt like initiation and we were proud of ourselves. However, once we arrived in the city proper and exited the I-10, all the people seemed to evaporate. The galleries we wandered through may have been well-populated, but, otherwise, downtown felt weirdly gutted of life.[...]

Proyecto Juárez at el Museo de Arte Carillo Gil

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010
Carlos Amorales (in collaboration with André Pahl), Logo for Juárez Project, 2006

Guns, narcos, prostitutes, rape, murders, these are some of the most common images that the media utilizes to portray Ciudad Juárez. Once considered an attractive city, in recent decades Ciudad Juárez has become synonym with violent crimes and terror. As an artist residency program, Proyecto Juárez started as an independent initiative in an attempt to approach the socioeconomic changes of the border city; commissioning artworks that considered the context of the city while benefitting from the help of local institutions and the community.[...]

Alternative Venues in a Changing Economy

Monday, November 15th, 2010

How do you remain uncommercialized in an increasingly commercialized space? A very difficult question when it comes to the business of art.  Some lean toward shock value, the status quo, or cleverness, while others choose to continue to expand the boundaries of intellectual and creative integrity on behalf of artists and audiences. The Gallery at 1GAP (One Grand Army Plaza), an alternative contemporary art space, mediated by curator Isolde Brielmaier, offers up a site based on the latter.[...]

A Day Like Any Other at the New Museum

Friday, October 15th, 2010

The work of Brazilian artist Rivane Neuenschwander often explores the minuteness and grandeur of everyday actions. In her mid-career retrospective at the New Museum, A Day Like Any Other, the artist conveys these poetic actions through a variety of different media, including film, sculpture, collage, painting, installation and participatory events. From rain-weathered maps to a looped video that follows a wandering soap bubble, Neuenschwander presents small, seemingly insignificant occurrences that become metaphors for translation and transience.[...]

Non Compos Mentis at Border, curated by Bárbara Perea

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Jorge Ortega del Campo, Thy Kingdom Come

This multiple art form exhibition entitled Non Compos Mentis refers to that unclear and even psychopathological part of the human mind. It is related to subtle nets of machine like, mechanized and automaton humans who live in large urban areas. It provokes an indescribable block of emotions manifest in a variety of machines and artifacts framing this exhibition. A green room simulating an industrial atmosphere, far from any eco considerations, gathers working and domestic realms in a confusing and indiscernible way. [...]

There is always a cup of sea to sail in: the 29th São Paulo Bienal

Friday, October 8th, 2010

Continuing our partnership with our West Coast friends at DailyServing, today we feature an article written by Rebecca Najdowski on the 29th São Paulo Bienal. Enjoy!

Terreiro: Marilá Dardot Tand Fábio Morais, Longe daqui, aqui mesmo (Far from here, right here)

What makes an art exhibition political?

The 2010 São Paulo BienalThere is always a cup of sea to sail in, uses Brazilian poet Jorge de Lima’s line as a metaphorical container to address the ambitious theme of art and politics. The head curators Agnaldo Farias and Moacir dos Anjos see the title as an expression of the essential aspiration of the exhibition, “to affirm that the utopian dimension to art is contained within art itself, not outside or beyond it; to affirm the value of poetic intuition in the face of ‘tamed thought‘ that emancipates nothing, though it permeates political parties and even formal educational institutions.” (29th Bienal Catalogue, 21) This is an infinitely large concept in the palm of ones hand.[...]

New Feminist Video

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

We are proud to post a review written by Carla Acevedo published in the first edition of ArtPulse Magazine on a video exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum last year: Reflections on the Electric Mirror; New Feminist Video. Hope you enjoy it!

Shifting women’s roles from muses to creators, feminist art of the 1970s sought to redefine the position that women had conventionally occupied in art history, through artistic practices that were more inclusive of sociopolitical and ideological concepts relevant to women.[...]

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