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John Gerrard at Simon Preston

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Cuban School (Community 5th of October), 2010

There is something eerily mysterious about John Gerrard’s images. They look like desolate, ordinary landscapes; an oil rig or an abandoned building, but they are actually virtual sculptures, carefully built with skilled technicians and a complex software program. Currently on view at Simon Preston Gallery in New York’s Lower East Side, Irish born artist John Gerrard presents his most recent major work, Cuban School (Community 5th of October), shown as a large scale double-projection.


Michael Joaquín Grey

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Today we are reposting an article on Michael Joaquín Grey’s recent exhibition at MoMA PS1 written by Carla Acevedo and originally published in ArtPulse Magazine. Enjoy!

Michael Joaquin Grey, Perpetual ZOOZ, 2005. Computational cinema with stereo sound, computer, custom software designed with R. Luke DuBois, edition of 5

What’s so special about the color orange? That was the first question I asked myself when entering the Michael Joaquin Gray exhibition at the PS1 Contemporary Art Center. Not an easy question to answer apparently. Having studied both genetics and art simultaneously, Grey’s work concerns the relationships between science, language, technology and art. It is not a matter of bridging the gaps between these disciplines, but more of using each of them in a correlational manner to explore issues of early development, primary experiences and the naturalistic quest for knowledge.[...]

An Immaterial Survey of Our Peers

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Jeff O’Brien, Kari Altmann, Aaron Graham, Brenna Murphy.

The advent of the internet has opened up a new space for arts writing, production and investigation. But what about virtual exhibitions and their significance within the context of art viewership and interpretation? An Immaterial Survey of Our Peers is an online project that displays installation shots of an exhibition that never physically occurred. [...]

Kota Ezawa

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Kota Ezawa takes iconic imagery from media history, mostly television, photography and film, and presents them in such a way that forces viewers to examine their relationship with images as they are constantly disseminated, repeated and overexposed. The imagery appropriated is manually (and painstakingly) transformed into vector-based animations that resemble old-school cartoons presented in lightboxes, cutouts, 3D renderings or slide shows.[...]

Cory Arcangel

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

Cory Arcangel - Photoshop CS: 110 by 72 inches, 300 DPI, RGB, square pixels, default gradient "Spectrum", mousedown y=1098 x=1749.9, mouse up y=0 x=4160

Best known for hacking Nintendo video cartridges, new media artist Cory Arcangel explores the relationship between culture, art and techonology by using codes from outdated computer and gaming systems and turning them into artwork.[...]

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