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Guillermo Alvarez-Charvel: Anatomies

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012
“The body can be compared to a work of art.”
Maurice Merleau-Ponty

Guillermo Álvarez Charvel uses a simple folding of a sheet of paper as a fundamental creative act for the composition of objects from books and documents of encyclopedic knowledge inherited from scientific rationalism and positivism which surfaced during modernity. He composes a work by a process of transfiguration that changes the form of perception, from the two-dimensional flat format of a publication on paper, to a new form with volume. The drawing gives the invisible visible existence, reveals a world resting on experience – in this case, the experience of the perceptible body in the senses through the sensations.[...]

Raquel Torres Arzola at AREA

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Installation View. The Thousand and One Nights.

There are times when unexpectedly an artist breaks away from a trend. Puerto Rico, an island with many creative minds but few institutional frameworks to support them, has been recently the site for works that either confront its ambiguous political situation, rather directly and simplistically, or limit themselves to trivial representations of tropical clichés and its derivative forms. It is precisely in these characteristics that this exhibition stands out. Currently an MFA candidate at the San Francisco Art Institute, Raquel Torres-Arzola, who has been working under the tutelage of her advisor artist Victor Vázquez, has put together a thought provoking and intelligent exhibition at AREA that addresses domestic as well as dogmatic power structures, but also posits sculpture as a formal and conceptual language of materials by which the intangible is materialized.[...]

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