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Sofía Táboas: Boundary Surfaces at Museum of Art Carrillo Gil

Monday, May 30th, 2011

Expanded Window, 2011. Site-specific installation. Acrylic, cable, aluminum.

Rectangular amber filters catch spectators unaware, forming an untouchable structure of lights and shades over the ramp at the entrance of this exhibit curated by Itala Schmelz. Reflecting plexiglas panels form geometric relations, the beam of yellow light fills the room with sparkling reflections, and the color of the sky changes when watching towards the zenith through the filters.[...]

María Fernanda Plata

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

María Fernanda Plata. Measurement related drawings. Length. 333, 333… m of a single thread on paper, 22 x 29 in, 2007.

María Fernanda Plata‘s (Bogotá, Colombia 1978) Measurement-Related Drawings examines notions of length, weight and area in a visual exploration of architecture that involves measuring and delimitating the material used for each piece. The process can be described as the elaboration of three types of drawings: thread on paper, paper on paper and oil on paper.[...]

Walead Beshty at Regen Projects

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Another great article from our West Coast friends over at DailyServing written by Catlin Moore. Have fun! Courtesy Regen Projects, Los Angeles. Photo credit: Brian Forrest In a former life, Walead Beshty may have rubbed elbows with Patti Smith. Flaunting her contemptuous disregard for the cautionary advice of her peers, Smith famously denounced words as [...]

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