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A little walk through Zona MACO

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Recently, during the month of April, Mexico City has been the seat of an international contemporary art fair: Zona Maco. Even though the fair has changed its name several times, it has grown to currently become the most successful art fair in Latin America. A great deal of society in Mexico City is always excited by this event. Many artists, collectors and people related to art from abroad come to the city. Parties, dinners and gallery openings are abundant, museums have special events, and bars in Polanco, Roma and Condesa districts, and the historical downtown are full of people talking about art, artists and collectors. Artists, cultural managers and agents, gallerists and curators gather together in order to widen their public relations and magazines publish special issues on contemporary art. Everybody has some kind of fun![...]

Alejandro Sordo Guzmán on CIMBRA

Monday, April 18th, 2011


An assemblage with concave and convex elements by Thomas Glassford prepares the viewer for a distortion in their perception about the indiscernible limits and differences between established, procedural, formal, abstract or conceptual in contemporary art. Artists working within the context of Mexico, free of the historical and social imperatives, provoke an anamorphosis of vision located in the fold of Being and matter. Much like an erotic act, they speculate through an intimate relationship of art and artist. Matter and intelligible code field converge recreationally as a reflection of the Self. Some features, discovered by the curator Josefa Ortega, operate as a common thread that bring together works by artists from many different lands and ages: analytical construction, unveiling of the quality of material, structural game, time investment, non-referentiality and minimal use of materials. Looking for an evolution in form, the artists here described delve into the archives of abstraction and trends since 1945 such as pop, minimal forms, Arte Povera and conceptualism, using a wide range of media from painting, video, sculpture and object art.


José Luis Cortés-Santander at Galería The Goma, Madrid

Thursday, April 7th, 2011
José Luis Cortés-Santander – Installation view and Detail at Galería The Goma, Madrid
For this commissioned project, José Luis Cortés Santander (Mexico, 1980) has specially developed a series of artworks that constantly refer to a time and space beyond themselves. Geheimnisse sind die Knoten, die die Welt zusammenhalten, secrets are the knots that bind the world, emphasizes the power of artistic creation as a medium for the circulation of ideas which far from being considered affirmations act as propagated rumors. At the same time, the artworks presented in this show gaze in a subtly ironic manner the power attributed to the artist of unveiling mystic truths.[...]

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