Tania Candiani


 Tania Candiani

Tania Candiani & Regina José Galindo, Battleground, Live performance and streaming, El Paso, Texas, Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua

Tania Candiani reveals and confronts head-on in her work the pressures that women face in society, the insistence on being stick thing, crazy fad diets and a combination of junk-food ad wars and fitness fanaticism, and much like a warrior, uses everything that is most typically associated with conventional women’s ‘work’, from cooking utensils to needle and thread to address it. In all this, the body is the main subject that allows her to call these issues into attention, that although considered somewhat trite, still concern women today.

In the series, Tipos de Gordura/Types of Obesity Candiani sews the outlines of women’s bodies onto canvas and stuffs parts of them with cotton batting. While in the photographic series Protección Familiar, Candiani takes a colander and turns it into a helmet, perhaps referencing the constant war that women must wage against the media. In Battleground, a project in collaboration with Regina José Galindo, Candiani draws from the long history of violence against women in Latin American countries to produce a series of live performances from El Paso, Texas to Ciudad Juárez, inviting students to create weapons out of domestic utensils.

 Tania Candiani

Installation View at Textile 09, Biennial, Lithuania

Tania Candiani Protection Helmets Confronted 20041 Tania Candiani

Tania Candiani, Protección Familiar, 2004

Tania Candiani was born in Mexico City in 1974 and currently lives and works in Tijuana and New York City, where she has been artist-in-residence at the International Studio & Curatorial Program. Her recent solo exhibitions include Otros Paseos, Otras Historias (Lugar Cero, Mexico City, 2010); Tales and Other Nightmares (Kunsthaus Miami, Miami, 2009); Writers y Escritores (Biblioteca Vasconcelos, Mexico City, 2009); Battleground (with Regina Jose Galindo) (Rubin Center, University of El Paso, Texas, 2009). She has participated in several group exhibitions, of which the most recent are the I Trienal Internacional del Caribe (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, 2010); Ready Media. Arqueología de los Medios y la Invención en Mexico (Laboratorio de Arte Alameda, Mexico City, 2010); Drawing the Line (Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, California, 2009); XI Cairo Biennial (2008); Viva Mexico (Zacheta National Art Gallery, Warsaw, 2007); Transactions: Contemporary Latin American and Latino Art(Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, La Jolla, California, 2006).

tania Tania Candiani

 Tania Candiani


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