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Painterly Power Plays: Titus Kaphar

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Titus Kaphar, This place never felt like home There is no question that nuances of power are central to the work of Titus Kaphar.  However, in today’s world, to dis-empower, overpower, or empower is dépassé. To play with power is the name of the game.  To cut off the head of power, exploit it, expose [...]

Tomás Saraceno

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Tomás Saraceno, Galaxies forming along filaments, like droplets around the strands of a spider’s web

Biospheres is the term used by Saraceno for his floating, transparent globes. Taking a metaphorical, poetic approach to serious subjects such as the overpopulation of Earth, environmental issues and migration, Saraceno attempts to create new relations between culture and nature. The biospheres of this work are inspired by careful scientific studies of e.g. the formation of clouds, soap bubbles and the geometric principles in spider webs. Several of the spheres contain plant-based ecosystems, while the largest of them invites spectators to step inside.[...]

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