Violation at CASA ROTA

Casa Rota Image11 Violation at CASA ROTA

Casa Rota is literally a house, but also an exhibition space in Levittown, Puerto Rico where exhibition maker Bryan Arocho presented last week a collection of small format collages titled Violation. At a time when alternative art venues seem to be anonymously sprouting amongst galleries and art institutions, it seems necessary to reveal alternate ways to exhibit works in a rapidly changing dire economy. This is one of the places where art is happening, but few seem to know about.

The exhibition comprised 50 pieces that, inspired by Lucio Fontana’s cut and slashed paintings of the 1960′s, attempt to deconstruct and demistify the collected object through precise but at times impetuous cuts. This gestural cutting, scratching and juxtaposing of images seemingly echoes with the newly opened exhibition space. Arocho’s Casa Rota (or broken house) intends to turn a domestic space into an exhibition space, a split house much like Gordon Matta Clark’s carved up houses. A powerful institutional critique.

Casa Rota 1 Violation at CASA ROTA

Casa Rota Image 3 Violation at CASA ROTA

Casa Rota Image 21 Violation at CASA ROTA

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