Ringing in the New Year

jason mena ding dong intervention on the gallerys facade Ringing in the New Year

An image from our most popular post in 2010: Luis Adelantado’s Inaugural Exhibition in Mexico City

This year has been quite a ride for DaWire. We have grown in numbers and expanded our network of contributing writers and websites. But most importantly, we have successfully carved our little niche in the online world. DaWire is no ordinary blog, it’s an art project; a resource for artists, curators and anyone searching to know a little bit more about contemporary art. It invites constant reflection and investigation. Art can be a mirror in which our social, cultural and political realities are reflected; it can be partisan, but it shouldn’t. It’s theoretical but it should be practical. New technologies have made it more accessible, but for some reason it keeps being hermetic. It’s shock full of contradictions, but that’s what makes it interesting and keeps us coming back for more! I want to thank all of our readers and all of the people who have contributed in some way to make this project possible. Thank you and have a Happy New Year!

Carla Acevedo

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