Ivan Puig

Ivan Puig Hasta las narices 2004 Ivan Puig

Ivan Puig, Hasta las narices 2004

Ivan Puig presents viewers with visual metaphors that combine poetic frailty with conceptual rigor. Through installation, intervention and other media, Puig creates situations that challenge our notions of reality. In Hasta las narices, a seemingly sinking car is echoed in a smaller sacle installation in a glass of milk, where relativity and the viewer’s perception is placed into question.

For the piece Patrimonio, Puig approaches the concept of cultural patrimony as a private property. In it, Puig placed a letter sign similar to the hollywood sign on a hill in the city of Guanajuato, Mexico, declared by UNESCO as a ‘patrimony of humanity.’ Subject to the weather, the sign slowly disintegrated. Symbolically, after a couple of days, a new sign appeared near the intervention that declared the site a private property.

Ivan Puig Patrimonio 2008 Ivan Puig

Ivan Puig, Patrimonio 2008

Ivan Puig Patrimonio 2008 detail Ivan Puig

Ivan Puig, Patrimonio 2008 (Detail)

Ivan Puig was born in Guadalajara, Mexico in 1977. He is a part of the artistic collective TRioDo with Marcela Armas and Gilberto Esparza. His most recent solo exhibitions include Homo nymo at Galería Kunsthaus Miami and Ivan Puig at Galería Espacio Marte, México D.F.

Ivan Puig Genealogía umbilical Ivan Puig

Ivan Puig, Genealogía umbilical 2005

Ivan Puig Asalto a la granja 2005 Ivan Puig

Ivan Puig, Asalto a la granja 2005

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