Donna Conlon

Donna Conlon Urban phantoms 2004 Video Still Donna Conlon

Donna Conlon, Urban Phantoms 2004 (Video Still). In front of the skyline of Panamá City, pieces of trash build up to construct a new city.

Originally trained as a biologist, Donna Conlon‘s work entails a meticulous observation of both natural and manmade surroundings. The environment, be it social, cultural or biological, is the main focus of her work. In some works, such as the video Coexistence, the natural and artificial world collide, as Conlon films ants carrying fake leaves painted as different flags and peace signs. Another work, Urban Phantoms juxtaposes trash with the urban landscape, as the artist elegantly constructs a mini city of trash on a ledge that overlooks Panama City.

Donna Conlon Coexistence still 2 Donna Conlon

Donna Conlon, Coexistence 2003 (Video Still). Filmed in the forest of Panamá, the video consists of a parade of leaf-cutter ants, carrying artificial leaves painted as flags of different nations and peace signs.

Donna Conlon Coexistence still 11 Donna Conlon

Donna Conlon, Coexistence 2003 (Video Still).

The artist describes her work as  ”a socio-archaeological inquiry into my immediate surroundings. I collect and accumulate ordinary objects, images, and repeated actions from my daily life and local environment, and then use them to reveal the idiosyncrasies of human nature and the contradictions inherent to our contemporary lifestyle.”

.Donna Conlon Dry season Donna Conlon
Donna Conlon, Dry season 2006 (Video Still) In collaboration with Jonathan Harker. A shower of glass bottles shatters onto a green glass mountain.

Donna Conlon (USA, 1966) lives and works in Panama City. Solo exhibitions include Trash Trees, Nuevo ESPACIO/ARTE Contemporáneo, Panama City, 2004; Más me dan, Jacob Karpio Galería, San José, 2006 and Coexistence, Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Israel, 2006.  Her work has also been shown in Ecuador, Spain, Australia, Switzerland, and Norway, among other countries. She participated in the 51st Venice Bienniale (Italy) in 2005, as well as in the exhibition of the Italo-Latin American Institute, Warp and Weft.  Conlon received First Prize at the IV Biennial of Visual Arts of the Central American Isthmus in 2004, and in 2003 was awarded the Residency Prize at the Caribbean Biennial (Dominical Republic) and the Second Prize in the first Central American Emerging Artists Exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design in Costa Rica.

Donna Conlon Step on a crack Donna Conlon

Donna Conlon, Step on a crack 2006, Site-specific installation, Parque Urracá, Ciudad de Panamá. Thousands of cigarette butts were gathered from a central city park and glued into the cracks of the bordering sidewalk.

Donna Conlon Fever Donna Conlon

Donna Conlon, Fever 2008, installation. Composed of two small connecting rooms, one hot and dark, the other cold and bright. both with sound of mosquitoes buzzing (sound produced in collaboration with Iñaki Iriberri).

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