Santurce es Ley 2

IMG 4149 Santurce es Ley 2

Video installation by DaWire. From left, Jason Mena, Disorder and Confusion, Ivan Argote, Retouch, Aggtelek, 2do  Ensayo Escultórico

The second edition of Santurce es Ley, an independent union of galleries and artists, boasted more than 7 galleries/projects and over 60 participating artists. This time around, the roster of participating galleries and projects included C787Studios,, Galería Yemayá, Osviarte, San Juan Street Art, La15, Galería Petrus and Bicijangueo, among others.

IMG 4128 Santurce es Ley 2

Murals by Fresh Crew and Hello again

IMG 4224 Santurce es Ley 2

Main stage

Makeshift galleries in trucks and vans made their way to an empty parking lot, where a stage was set for live music by E.A. Flow, Don Severo, DJ Bass, Tach.Dé, Tekadisko and the young salsa/rock band El Macabeo. The area around Cerra Street sported new sidewalks and a refreshed look. And although the event almost didn’t take place (San Juan Mayor Santini popped in during the day and almost cancelled it), it ran smoothly without any major problems.

IMG 4137 Santurce es Ley 2

C787 Studios, installation view of exhibition Limited Edition

IMG 4140 Santurce es Ley 2

San Juan Street Art

At c787 Studios, Alexis Bousquet presented Limited Edition, an international exhibition of graphic works on t-shirts by 17 local and international artists that included Bik-ismo, Admin Torres and Nepo. Right next door, the closing exhibition of San Juan Street Art organized by Alexis Figueroa, where recently art took over the streets of Old San Juan ‘guerilla style.’ On the opposite side of the street, a bicycle installation by Bicijangueo payed homage to fallen street cyclists; in adjoining trucks Osviarte, Galería Yemayá and DaWire presented their artistic proposals, while murals by Bik-ismo, La Pandilla, Fresh Crew and Hello again added urban flair.

IMG 4165 Santurce es Ley 2

Bicijangueo, installation view

IMG 4205 Santurce es Ley 2

La15, works on paper by Fernando García Correa

On the quieter Ernesto Cerra Street, La15 brought works on paper by Mexican artist Fernando García Correa. While on an abandoned building next door, a four module video projection by Andrea Bauza surprised neighbors and passerby. This second time around, Santurce es Ley strengthened the foundation of the city of Santurce in becoming the next cultural capital of Puerto Rico. Long gone are the days of Old San Juan gallery nights. And with Circa’s untimely hiatus, Santurce es Ley proves that independent artistic endeavors are the ones that will keep the arts afloat.

-Carla Acevedo

IMG 4211 Santurce es Ley 2

Andrea Bauza, video projection, Wild Invasion, produced in conjunction with Begonia Claveria and Rachel Sender.

IMG 4178 Santurce es Ley 2

DJ’s in the mix

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