ELSE at Tilton Gallery, NYC

X.J.Vadera ELSE at Tilton Gallery, NYC

J. Vadera, X, 2010. Metal, acrylic, and pigment, 103/4 x 9 x 3/4”

Catch it while you can or else bring it to a gallery near you.

On a long stroll up the Upper East Side of NYC I decided to finally pop into ELSE, the current exhibition at the Tilton Gallery, co-curated by Derrick Adams and Jack Tilton. After just a couple minutes in the exhibition space the eccentric hood poppin’ sophisticated mind of Adams was clearly visible.

A ubiquitous silent posturing and a “you only know what you know” attitude, with a splash of humor, speak loudly throughout the curatorial selections.  And, quite poetically, the pairing of Jack Tilton’s space and its Upper East Side location with Adams’ (an artist and former gallery director) mind’s eye create a perfect storm.  Extreme visual and temperamental dialogues on class, race, sex, pop culture and more offer a potpourri of potential insights.

Metaphysical re-readings of transformed images and objects through photography, sculpture, and new media inform the work of Jaret Vadera, including X, 2010, representing “the location of the unlocated”; commentary on the art of hustlin’, colonization, or perhaps minstrelsy, through bullets, bananas and history, are laid out by Simone Leigh in the mixed media work, Brooch (Black); and, David Antonio Cruz’ beautifully rendered abstract yet real oil and enamel paintings on wood create an immediate sensation of the pleasures of touch, and paint.

Supremely sophisticated and intelligent – with flavor – this show comes highly recommended.

On view through October 23, 2010 at Tilton Gallery, 8 E. 76th St., NYC.

Diana McClure

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