Deborah Kass: Feel Good Paintings

Deborah Kass After Louise Bourgeoise Deborah Kass: Feel Good Paintings

Deborah Kass, After Louise Bourgeois, 2010. neon and transformers on powder-coated aluminum panel

Drawing on post-war art historical references, Deborah Kass creates works that explore the frequent junctions between the visual arts, politics and language. For her second show at Paul Kasmin Gallery titled MORE feel good paintings for feel bad times, Kass reacts to the uncertainty of current affairs by appropriating works from seminal figures in the arts such as Andy Warhol, Ed Ruscha and Ellsworth Kelly, among others.

Her works can be defined as an intense emotional reaction to the art historical and its impact. Her neon After Louise Bourgeois appropriates Bourgeois’ quote “A woman has no place in the art world unless she proves over and over again she won’t be eliminated,” that in the style of a Bruce Nauman neon acquires new significations.

Kass’s work is in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, The Jewish Museum, the Solomon Guggenheim Museum, among others. She is a Senior Critic in the Graduate Painting Program at Yale University. She lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

-Carla Acevedo

Deborah Kass OY 2009 Deborah Kass: Feel Good Paintings

Deborah Kass, OY, 2009, oil on canvas

Deborah Kass Day after Day Deborah Kass: Feel Good Paintings

Deborah Kass, Day After Day, 2010, oil and acrylic on canvas
Images courtesy of Paul Kasmin Gallery

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