Iñaki Bonillas at Projecte SD

Inaki Bonillas Los ojos 10 Iñaki Bonillas at Projecte SD

From the series Los Ojos, 2010. Photogravure.

Iñaki Bonillas is what we can aptly define as a conceptual photographer. Since 2003, Bonilla has been working from his grandfather’s photographic archive, appropriating images and creating installations and sculptural works that question the very notion of the photographic image. In his work, the personal and biographical merge with the scientific and theoretical in subtle but mesmerizing ways. For his upcoming show at ProjecteSD Gallery, titled Ghost Stories of an Antiquary after the M.R. James’ book of the same name, Bonilla presents images that reflect upon the inherent contradictions of the photographic image through ideas discussed by Barthes and Blanchot.

Inaki Bonillas   Tineidae 14 Iñaki Bonillas at Projecte SD

From the series Tineidae, 2010

For the series Los Ojos, comprised of 12 etchings of portrait photographs from his grandfather’s archive, the artist chose images where all of the people photographed refuse to look at the camera. For the second body of work on view, Tineidae (Latin term given to the family of clothes moths), Bonillas subjected the images to moths, which slowly destroyed the photographs reminding us of the fragility of the photographic record to time and nature.

Iñaki Bonillas’ work has been shown in exhibitions such as Locus Focus, Sonsbeek 9 (Arnhem, 2001), Little History of Photography, MUHKA, Antwerp (2003), Utopia Station, 50th Venice Biennial (2003), Los usos de la imagen: fotografía, film y video en La Colección Jumex, Mexico City and Buenos Aires (2004), Archivo Muerto, _h4th, México DF (2005), O futuro da actualidade, CGAC, Santiago de Compostela (2006), El Topoanalista, Matadero, Madrid (2007). Most recently he has been present at Little Theater of Gestures at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Basel and Malmö Konsthall (2009), and The Malady of Writing. A project on text and speculative imagination at the MACBA in Barcelona (2010). In 2010 he also presented the project Double Chiaroscuro at the Art Statements section in Art Basel 41. This September he will present his work at the art space Hermes und der Pfau in Stuttgart.

Inaki Bonillas Los ojos 01 Iñaki Bonillas at Projecte SD

From the series Los Ojos, 2010. Photogravure.

Inaki Bonillas Tineidae 19 Iñaki Bonillas at Projecte SD

From the series Tineidae, 2010
Images and artist bio courtesy of ProjecteSD Barcelona, Spain

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