An Immaterial Survey of Our Peers

animmaterialsurveyofourpeers An Immaterial Survey of Our Peers

Jeff O’Brien, Kari Altmann, Aaron Graham, Brenna Murphy.

The advent of the internet has opened up a new space for arts writing, production and investigation. But what about virtual exhibitions and their significance within the context of art viewership and interpretation? An Immaterial Survey of Our Peers is an online project that displays installation shots of an exhibition that never physically occurred. With the use of digital manipulation software, the creators of the site have filled the walls of the Sullivan Galleries of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with images of artworks that were never there.

David Horvitz Samara Golden An Immaterial Survey of Our Peers
David Horvitz, Samara Golden.

Although browsing images of artworks online with readers such as Google will never replace the physical encounter with the work of art, this project calls attention to the problematics of spectatorship and the importance of the physical gallery space in viewing and interpreting works of art. In a way, the internet is increasingly becoming a malleable exhibition space. An image search online is a form of communication and a language in and of its own; one that can shift according to the searcher’s geographical region, the time the search was conducted and the browser used. Online platforms such as art blogs and related e-zines have replaced the gallery as the place to discover cutting edge production. Its global reach makes these online projects all the more enticing.

-Carla Acevedo

To view the full project, please visit An Immaterial Survey of Our Peers.

Jordan Rhoat Esteban Schimpf An Immaterial Survey of Our Peers

Jordan Rhoat, Esteban Schimpf.

Parker Ito Micah Schippa An Immaterial Survey of Our Peers

Parker Ito, Micah Schippa.
Images via An Immaterial Survey of Our Peers

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