Weekly Wrap-up

I’m always reading articles published on online newspaper editions, art blogs and magazines. So why not compile a weekly list of ‘best of the web’? So for your reading and viewing pleasure, here is my weekly wrap-up of the top three articles/posts that I found this week.

Art Lurker Weekly Wrap up

The first article is from our pals over at ArtLurker about artist Bob Snead’s most recent project: Is Not Broke and the recession proof wallet. Handmade wallets (by Snead himself) with a twenty dollar bill printed inside for each holders peace of mind. But more than trying to make a buck out of the whole recession conundrum, each wallet tells a story about financial resilience. Through his website, Snead collects stories of toughing it out during hard times, which in turn inspires the designs on the wallets. Needless to say a brilliant idea, because contrary to what we have been led to believe, this economic downturn is gonna be here for quite a while.

Frieze Weekly Wrap up

Next up, Frieze. It seems that the September issue of Frieze is dedicated to ‘super-hybridity.’ Yet another term coined to try to explain the unexplainable post modernist legacy. Drawing from the term ‘hybridity’ coined in the 1990′s by postcolonial theorists such as Homi K. Bhabha, Frieze writer Jörg Heiser argues the newly coined term “as a reflection of how hybridization has moved beyond the point where it’s about a fixed set of cultural genealogies and instead has turned into a kind of computational aggregate of multiple influences and sources.” Worth a read.

Todayandtomorrow Weekly Wrap up

I also stumbled upon the blog Today and Tomorrow. It’s a collection of images from different web sources that mainly deals with advertising, art, design, fashion, music and sneakers. This week, a beautifully designed family chapel in Padova, Italy. A source of inspiration for some and definitely a place of discovery.

-Carla Acevedo

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