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Fabio Morais Minha cidade2 Fabio Morais

Brazilian artist and writer Fabio Morais works with the deconstruction of language and the mapping of text and image to construct a visually engaging system of signs that relate to memory, language and identity. Frequently using writers, poets and critics as the basis of his works, Morais appropriates text, language and image and uses it as a place of negotiation between artist and spectator.

For the work Minha Cidade, the artist photographed street signs in Sao Paulo that bear the name of Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa in Freguesia do Ó, north of the city, and Alberto Caeiro (one of Pessoa’s many heteronyms), beside the Guarapiranga dam south of the city. Through this work both streets intersect, when in reality these two streets never cross each other for being at opposite ends of  the city. Here, Pessoa’s fictitious persona and his ‘real’ one are on the same level plane.

In Carta um jovem poeta, the first page of the book “Letters to a Young Poet” by Rainer Maria Rilke was rewritten in 62 different handwritings taken from appropriated letters, postcards, tickets and notes purchased at flea markets. The oldest calligraphy is from a postcard dated 1904, while the most recent one used is from a letter dated 2003. Consequently, the identity of the author and its time is diluted in 62 different handwritings written over 99 years.

-Carla Acevedo

Fabio Morais Minha cidade3 Fabio MoraisFabio Morais Carta un jovem poeta Fabio Morais

Images provided by the artist

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