Sound Art Summit in San Juan – FAS 2010

Rebecca Adorno Sound Art Summit in San Juan   FAS 2010

Swiss-Puerto Rican curator and cultural producer Lisa Ladner, founder of the online database for Puerto Rican artists El Status, has undertaken the monumental task of producing and maintaining the first Sound Art Summit in San Juan, Puerto Rico giving much needed visibility to a genre often overlooked in art fairs and cultural institutions. According to Ladner, “there are only about 40 Puerto Rican (or Puerto Rico based) visual or plastic artists who dedicate themselves - none of them exclusively but many of them continuously - to producing sound art.” Adding to that, few of them are in neither private nor public art collections.

Occurring on the sidelines of other more commercial fairs, with bigger budgets and even bigger sponsors (FAS runs on volunteer efforts and scanty institutional and/or private support), the first edition of FAS (2008) was quite a success among artists, art enthusiasts and collectors. The event took place at La Respuesta in Santurce and was curated by Lisa Ladner, Jorge Castro and Omar Obdulio Peña Forty, featuring work by Araceli Pino (aka Puntito Siniestro), Charles Juhasz and Carola Cintrón Moscoso among other local artists.

This year FAS returns with new and supportive friends, teaming up with the San Juan Noise Fest and Giratoriodekspresión, to offer visitors and eager listeners three days of sound art, concerts and events. FAS will be held in Espacio Arana (Fundación Arana) in the heart of Old San Juan from August 13th thru the 15th. This second edition is curated by Lisa Ladner, Jorge Castro and Andrés Lugo.

For a list of participating artists, times and venues please visit El Status.

Imperio Invisible Sound Art Summit in San Juan   FAS 2010

Joy Thief Sound Art Summit in San Juan   FAS 2010

Images provided by Lisa Ladner

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