Michel Majerus

Michel Majerus Pathfinder Michel Majerus

Michel Majerus (1967-2002) used everything from art historical references, popular culture, video games, television and corporate logos to construct his paintings. He was born in Esch, Luxembourg but worked in Berlin until his untimely death in an airplane crash in 2002.

Although Majerus died at 35, he gained critical acclaim early in his career with an exhibition at the Kunsthalle in Stuttgart and his subsequent participation in the 1999 Venice Biennale where he intervened the façade of the Italian pavilion. But he is perhaps best known for a body of work produced in the United States with abundant art historical references that recall Frank Stella, James Rosenquist and Andy Warhol. In fact, during a short stay in Los Angeles, Majerus produced a series of large-scale paintings that became a part of the “Pop Reloaded” exhibition in Los Angeles in 2002, which highlighted the visual noise in our urban landscape provoked by billboards, office buildings and advertisements.

Michel Majerus Space Invaders Michel Majerus

Michel Majerus Pressure Groups 2 Michel Majerus

Michel Majerus No style no points 2002 Michel Majerus

Images via www.petzel.com

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