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Maria Friberg Transmission1 Maria Friberg

Transmission (2010) is a film and photographic series by Swedish artist Maria Friberg that deals with concepts of masculinity, power and progress. For this project, Friberg has photographed a series of automobiles from underneath to reveal some of their mechanical components.

Seen against a blue sky and from this particular perspective, the automobile takes on an abstract form and reminds us of the complex relationship we have with technology. The automobile is ceasing to be a status symbol, perhaps to be replaced by cell phones and other technological gadgets.

The idea for this project started in 2002, when Friberg lived in New York City and wondered how traffic would look like if seen from underneath. According to the artist, “the “Transmission” project is both a celebration of an era when the automobile was associated with freedom, mobility and wealth, and a lamentation of its irreversible environmental effects. A car can be a thing of beauty, but it leaves behind a trail of smog and poison. The project can be seen as a goodbye to a more innocent era, while it acknowledges the need for change.”1

Maria Friberg Transmission2 Maria Friberg

Maria Friberg Transmission3 Maria Friberg

Images provided by the artist

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