Sexual Deployment: Regina José Galindo

Regina Galindo Perra Sexual Deployment: Regina José Galindo

Performance art lends itself to the utilization of the body as a resource, a space for discussion and a mechanism for discourse.  Regina José Galindo is a Guatemalan performance artist that uses her body to denounce social and political injustices, but also to address issues related to sexuality and women. Galindo gained international acclaim with her performance Quien puede borrar las huellas (Who can remove the traces), where the artist walked from the Constitutional Building to the National Palace in Guatemala with a basin full of human blood , dipping her feet in it and leaving a trace of bloody footprints; a forceful statement regarding the abuse of human rights in her native country.

Galindo often employs violent and at times painful actions on herself to get her point across. For example, in the performance Perra, the artist carves the word perra (bitch) into her left leg with a knife, to denounce the atrocities committed towards women in Guatemala, where women’s bodies are found tortured and mangled and at times left with inscriptions made with a knife or razor.

Regina José Galindo El corte por la linea Sexual Deployment: Regina José Galindo

Regina Galindo El dolor en un pañuelo Sexual Deployment: Regina José Galindo

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