Susan Collis at Galerie Frank Elbaz

Susan Collis These things happen Susan Collis at Galerie Frank Elbaz

For her most recent solo exhibition titled I Don’t Love You Anymore Susan Collis was inspired by a an old café under renovations just a couple of streets off Galerie Frank Elbaz. The artist was fascinated by the bits of wood, shattered glass and gutted shelving that she found laying around the space. I’m interested,” she says, “in this endless obsession with renewing things, with the way the old always has to be replaced by the new. I’m very drawn to the planned obsolescence of our spaces, both interior and exterior.

Susan Collis Continue Whispering Susan Collis at Galerie Frank Elbaz

Collis made what appears to be identical copies of the debris found inside the café – smashed wood, peeling paint, rusty nails and screws – using precious materials such as ebony, mahogany, silver and platinum leaf.  Each detail is carefully planned to resemble the original one.

Susan Collis Untitled Honduras 224 detail Susan Collis at Galerie Frank Elbaz

Susan Collis Untitled Aluminium Susan Collis at Galerie Frank Elbaz

Born in 1956 in Edinburgh, Scotland. She lives and works in London. Selected exhibitions: 2010: Les Elixirs de Panacée, Palais Bénédictine, Fécamp, France, curated by Ami Barak; Since I fell for you, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, UK (solo); Les compétences invisibles, Maison Populaire de Montreuil, France; Sculpture Show, Torrance Art Museum, CA, USA (solo); Commissioned artist of the Armory Show; 2009: Bizarre Perfection, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel; Apparently Invisible, The Drawing Center, NY, USA; 2008: Sweat, SEVENTEEN, London, UK (solo); Lure, Galerie Frank Elbaz, Paris, France.

Bio and images provided by Galerie Frank Elbaz

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