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Andreas Templin Hell is Coming World Ends Today 2 Andreas Templin

Andreas Templin is a visual artist based in Berlin who works in a variety of different mediums from photography, installation, and video, to sculpture, urban interventions and publications. For Madrid Abierto 2008, Templin proposed a consumerist approach to philosophy – the branding of philosophers such as Paul Virilio and Giorgio Agambien, whose writings Templin believes still has a heavy influence on contemporary Western society.

Andreas Templin Hell is Coming World Ends Today 1 Andreas Templin

For this project, titledĀ Hell is Coming/World Ends Today (A situationist play for the city of Madrid), Templin asked 150 people to wear shirts and hoodies with these names every day for one week, incorporating the artwork into the urban space and asking viewers to consume another type of brand – a more intellectually challenging one that competes head to head with the rest of the advertisements that hover over our public spaces.

In other works, Templin approaches political, economic and social concepts. For Top Five, Templin made five flags with the top five earners of 2006, who all had a net income ranging from $1.5 to 2 billion, while in Untitled (Collapsing Card House) the artist recreates the moment of collapse of a house of cards with glue, mirroring the current global financial crisis.

Andreas Templin Top Five Andreas Templin

Andreas Templin Untitled Andreas Templin
Images provided by the artist

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