A Relative Expanse at Renwick Gallery

Katja Strunz Untitled A Relative Expanse at Renwick Gallery

Renwick Gallery’s group show A Relative Expanse surveys some of the contradictions and collapses between visual and physical space. Artists in the show include Talia Chetrit, Robert Heinecken, Margarete Jakschik, Sean Raspet, Valerie Snobeck, Katja Strunz and Francesca Woodman. As opposed to a linear spectrum in which the polarities might be claimed as image and object, A Relative Expanse features artworks that converge on a more compounded set of concerns over how depth, volume and dimensionality might be both contained and suggested.

Talia Chetrit Installation View A Relative Expanse at Renwick Gallery

Beyond notions of space as a primarily corporeal and concrete set of conditions, certain strategies within A Relative Expanse also reveal the affective and psychological effects of space. The artworks in the exhibition reorganize the dynamics of the area they occupy in different ways. The artworks possess and prompt an elsewhere or an otherness of space, not only through representation, but also through a carving and reenergizing of their surroundings. All of the works in A Relative Expanse suggest that perception is itself a form of interaction. Sight is an entering.

Images and text provided by Renwick Gallery

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