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Kate Gilmore Double Dutch Kate Gilmore

For her performance-based videos, Kate Gilmore gets herself into physically binding situations that are literally difficult to get out of, all the while dressed as a stereotypical suburban housewife with heels. It seems like the most inappropriate attire to walk up a ramp, tear down a wall or get your foot out of a bucket full of hardened cement.But although Gilmore physically struggles, sometimes with evident pain and discomfort, to complete these physical feats she does eventually find a way out and even manages to keep her heels on. Through her work, Gilmore displays a multifaceted look at women’s femininity; one that mixes intertwines stereotypical visual imagery with a tough determination to succeed at every task partaken by the artist. It seems like today women artists are finding more subtle ways to address the dilemma of women and their role in society, presenting works that are seemingly far removed from Carolee Schneemann‘s 1975 jaw-dropping performance piece Interior Scroll.

Kate gilmore Come around1 Kate Gilmore

Images courtesy of the artist

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