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Recognizing the importance that conceptual art of the 60′s and 70′s still has on artistic practice today, we will be posting a series of artists that in our opinion still influence in one way or another artists today. Bas Jan Ader is one of them.

Bas Jan Ader (Winschoten, Holland, 1942) is mostly known for the video I’m too sad to tell you, but also for his untimely disappearance in 1975 while attempting to cross the Atlantic in a 12 1/2 foot boat in his performance/action In search of the miraculous. This disappearance, that some consider to be purely accidental and others a calculated move, has definitely contributed to his mysterious and enigmatic persona and oeuvre. But more than expressing a sentimentality that was completely at odds with the conceptual rhythm of his time, Bas Jan Ader also explored in his work ideas related to gravity and physics. Falling is a common action in his video performances. Today, almost 35 years after his disappearance, his work continues to influence artists such as David Horvitz, Fiona Tan and many others.

ader2 Bas Jan Ader

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