Nicolas Moulin

Nicolas Moulin 4 Nicolas Moulin

Berlin-based artist Nicolas Moulin’s photographs presents us with quite a strange world; deserted landscape where bizarre structures hover over the natural world and seemingly become an extension of it. Some resemble World War II bunkers or even the last remains of a lost world, emphasizing the ways we relate to our immediate surroundings, be them real or imaginary. 

Born in France in 1970, Nicolas Moulin now lives and works in Berlin. Recently nominated for the prestigious Prix Marcel Duchamp, Moulin’s recent solo exhibitions include Dividencke, Galerie RLBQ, Marseille (2009), Dämmeryugyonngbleibt, La BF15, Lyon (2008) and Etametastabl, C/O Berlin – International Forum for Visual Dialogues, Berlin (2006). Group exhibitions include Entre – temps, MIS-the Museum of Image and Sound, Sao Paulo (2009),Utopia / Here or There, Espace 1789, Saint Ouen (2009) and Ten Years of the Arcimboldo Prize 1999 – 2008, The Musuem of Montparnasse, Paris (2009).

Nicolas Moulin 1 Nicolas Moulin

Nicolas Moulin 5 Nicolas Moulin

Nicolas Moulin 7 Nicolas Moulin

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One Comment on “Nicolas Moulin”

  1. Pet de Pan Says:

    Awesome .. I was fascinated that excessive grandeur of the elements.


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