Bojan Sarcevic

Bojan Sarcevic The Breath Taker is the Breath Giver1 Bojan Sarcevic

Bojan Sarcevic work lies between the purely ornamental and the architectural. Through sculpture, video and collage, the artist creates structures that are approximations to architecture without ever building anything. Bojan Sarcevic was born in Belgrade in 1974. His work makes use of a diverse range of media in including video installations, architectural interventions, sculptural objects and printed material. He has exhibited widely, including in Manifesta 2, the 50th International Venice Biennale, Witte de With (Rotterdam), the Museum of Modern Art (Oxford), Kunstverein (Munich), Gallery BQ (Cologne) and The Modern Institute (Glasgow).

Borjan Sarcevic Installation View Bojan Sarcevic

Borjan Sarcevid Keep Illusions for the end Bojan Sarcevic

Bojan Sarcevic Replace the Irreplaceable Bojan Sarcevic

Images provided by the artist

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