Isidro Blasco

Isidro Blasco The Middle of The End Detail 2 Isidro Blasco

Isidro Blasco uses digital photography and humble building materials to assemble three-dimensional images that reconstruct interior spaces, private or domestic and outdoor environments. Blasco combines architecture, photography and installation to explore and challenge perception in relation to what we see at plain sight. The resulting effect is a fragmentation of a single line of sight that is reminiscent of Cubist collages. Blasco’s three dimensional images and sculptures result in an elliptical succession of multiple angles, producing a space that is at once recognizable and entirely new.

Isidro Blasco The Middle of The End Detail Isidro Blasco

Isidro Blasco Just Before Isidro Blasco

Isidro Blasco Thinking About That Place Detail 2 Isidro Blasco

Images provided by the artist

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