Damián Ucieda Cortés

Damian Ucieda Cortés Screaming Man Damián Ucieda Cortés

Damián Ucieda Cortés gives us a committed look in his photographs, in which the staging of the characters, lighting and marking of the author are key to building a parallel and disturbing “truth”, invaded by enigmas and unresolved questions.

Damian Ucieda Cortés Emma Woods Train Rails Damián Ucieda Cortés

Damian Ucieda Cortés Untitled 8 Damián Ucieda Cortés

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One Comment on “Damián Ucieda Cortés”

  1. Keezia M Says:

    Do you know anymore about Damián Ucieda Cortés? I need to write about him but I can’t find any biography long enough. I’m supposed to write two A4 pages about him. ;/


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