We have as much time as it takes at the Wattis Institute

NinaandMarie A Circular Play 2008 2010 We have as much time as it takes at the Wattis Institute

For the first time, the students in the Graduate Program in Curatorial Practice at California College of the Arts will present their final thesis exhibition at the Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts.

We have as much time as it takes calls attention to the multiple conditions that determine artistic display in the Wattis Institute. As an art gallery located within an educational institution, its setting demands the steady production of tangible, professionalized results. Responding to this situation, the exhibition presents practices that expose, directly or symbolically, the often unquestioned and overlooked systems and economies of its location. We have as much time as it takes will feature ten international artists and collectives working in a variety of media, including sculpture, installation, performance, and video, many of whom have been commissioned to make new site-responsive works for this project.

JasonMena Meaningless Work video stills 2005 We have as much time as it takes at the Wattis Institute

We have as much time as it takes questions and highlights expectations of achievement, productivity, and established systems of management that make up the Wattis Institute and CCA’s programs and academic mission. The participating artists converge and intersect in ways that confront exhibition-making’s historical emphasis on visibility and timeliness. By focusing on works that embody circular processes, resist completion and welcome change, the selected artworks refute the demand for definable results or resolution.

A series of public programs will occur over the course of the three-month exhibition, both inside and outside of the gallery. These will include a one-night film screening of James Benning’s One Way Boogie-Woogie/27 Years Later on May 18th from 7-10 pm and events with participating artists Sandra Nakamura and Red76.

RomanOndak Untitled 2005 We have as much time as it takes at the Wattis Institute

The exhibition catalogue features interviews with each of the artists, a project by current Visual & Critical Studies Graduate Student Matthew Rana, texts by the local poet Jasper Bernes, and by writers Erica Levin and Daniel Marcus. The publication is available from the Wattis bookstore and online as a free, downloadable PDF at www.wattis.org.

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: Nina Beier and Marie Lund, David Horvitz, Jason Mena, Sandra Nakamura, Roman Ondák, Red76, Zachary Royer Scholz, Tercerunquinto, Lawrence Weiner, Christine Wong Yap.

CURATORS: Jacqueline Clay, Nicole Cromartie, Courtney Dailey, Emily Gonzalez, Jacqueline Im, Kristin Korolowicz, Sharon  Lerner, Katie Morgan, Maria Elena Ortiz, Arden Sherman, Joanna Szupinska, Josephine Zarkovich

Text and images provided by the Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts

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