Christto Sanz

Christto Sanz 4 Christto Sanz

Through photography and video, Christto Sanz explores ideas related to identity and obsessive behaviors. Drawing from Sigmund Freud and Westphal and Shneider, his work is an approximation to the psychoanalytical through the self-portrait. In the project Toc Toc, Who’s There?, the artist examines the mental disorder OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), the mind’s obsessive habits and the ways it distorts and mutilates our identities. “My work explores traumas or situations related to the psyche, moments of crisis and ideas that are part of the creative process for the artist,” the artist states. “I am interested in intimate worlds and the course of a longed-for identity.”

Christto Sanz Christto Sanz

Christto Sanz 2 Christto Sanz

Christto Sanz 1 Christto Sanz

Images provided by the artist

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9 Comments on “Christto Sanz”

  1. Spoier Says:

    I just love it. I wish we could see more from this artist. Keep going.

  2. nor Says:

    Christto resucito de TENDENCIA @ MUAC y ahora ln pertenece al MUNDO! Estoy muy contenta de tus logros Chris!

  3. Shay Says:

    Me encanta! Felicidades, keep on going! Love it!

  4. Nina Says:


  5. Anthony Says:

    Well done keep up the good work!We need more artist with such good standards.Hope to see more great work.Fantastic!!

  6. Andrew Says:

    Hey Chris congrats,
    Always great work!!
    give us more!!

  7. Carlos Says:

    This is one of the most promising artists I’ve seen lately.

  8. Rodolfo Says:

    interesante! bravo, por los nuevos talentos.

  9. Ahmed al Thani Says:

    Mabroook!I love this!


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