Enoc Pérez

Enoc Perez Havana Riviera Enoc Pérez

Enoc Pérez works using a unique method in which he transfers paint onto canvas via an intermediary layer of paper. He builds the composition by hand in 10 or more individually-applied layers of oil paint, color by color. This process, similar to mechanical printing, preserves the lush textures and nuanced surfaces of painting without the use of a brush.

Enoc Pérez was born in Puerto Rico in 1967. He received his M.F.A from Hunter College and his B.F.A. from Pratt, both in New York. He has exhibited widely in museums and galleries in the Americas and Europe since the 1990s, including solo shows in New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, and Cologne. He was the focus of a major solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami in 2007-2008. He has also been included in numerous group shows including “Dear Painter…” at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, (which later traveled to Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt and Vienna Kunsthalle), 2002, and “The Undiscovered Country” at the UCLA Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, 2004. Pérez lives and works in New York. He is represented by Mitchell-Innes & Nash.

Enoc Perez Athens Hilton Enoc Pérez

Enoc Pérez DonQ Pink Enoc Pérez

Enoc Perez Nude Enoc Pérez

Enoc Perez The United Nations Enoc Pérez

Text provided by Mitchelle-Innes & Nash

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One Comment on “Enoc Pérez”

  1. Ivan Girona Says:

    Hello dear Dawire:

    Here is an artist that if I may say is very under-rated, please correct me is I am wrong. The fact that Enoc Perez work is outstanding and yet not as recognizable oas other of his piers of his age or generation continues to baffle me.

    When we see what his proposals are we see that there is a very contemporary preocupation if you will. He constantly presents us with the use of space, not only in composition through out his paintings, but through the objects he has decided to portray for us.
    I seem to remember an artist named David Hockney, that gives us a full blown in your face look at my space and how I celebrate it. And Enoc Perez is not far behind in giving us a contemplation of moments of relaxation or meditation towrds the spaces that suround us in our urban life. Hockney gave us a look into his intamate relaxing spaces where he got away from daily life and Enoc gives us the places where we go to get away from every day life, from a bar table with rum on it and cigaretes, to various images of beutifull archetecture most of them hotels that remind us of how we live in an escapist world, indulging our selves in quarters that offer pleasure separated from the daily venues that intoxicate our souls. We find Enoc celebrating the constant man made get away from problems, and how our society embraces it. The key is space not only the visual space but also how these objects ocupy fisical, social, spiritual and phsycological space in our lives. Spaces as intimate as a bar table in a lounge room that only you and your friends share to spaces that are as public to the eye as hotel buildings around the world even the now closed Normandie Hotel in San Juan Puerto Rico seem to live forever in his paintings as a quaint get away eternaly promissing fun and relaxation away from “life” for those who need it ( all of us ). Keep celebrating life and all the spaces in it.


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