Jeff Carter

Jeff Carter 2 Jeff Carter

Jeff Carter’s work is concerned with the exploration of ideas related with contemporary tourism and nomadism, frequently using ‘non-materials’ such as IKEA furnishings and crate boxes. In Catalog (Floor), Carter utilizes IKEA wood flooring to construct an elegant landscape of valleys and hills presented with a few ‘lucky’ bamboo plants. In other earlier works, Carter creates kinetic sculptures that with a simple motor and some color suggest a shore line or the movable nature of the nomadic.

Jeff Carter holds an MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois. He has exhibited his work in the Museum of Contemporary Art, Detroit, Museum 52, London, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, Vedanta Gallery,  Spencer Brownstone Gallery and Kavi Gupta Gallery.

Jeff Carter Jeff Carter

Jeff Carter 3 Jeff Carter

Images provided by Kavi Gupta Gallery

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