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Steve Schepens’ current exhibition at Galerie Van de Weghe in Antwerp is perhaps all too horrifying, but in a good way.  It’s not meant to create the type of horror or disgust we find in genre films, but more the kind related to the impalpable; the object and its relationship to space, and the ways we perceive it.

In Schepens’ previous work, cardboard is the main material used, creating sculptures, paintings and performance. In HORROR 55, currently on view until April 17th, cardboard is still present but in another less apparent way. For this exhibition, Steve Schepens created bronze and porcelain objects of the inside of a cardboard box; a thought paradox materialized into an art object. The works are simple, minimal sculptures; the horror of it resides in our own perceptions, our own interpretation of the non-object, space and the impenetrable.

Steve Schepens’ (1979, Belgium, MA in painting) works, created after 2002, carry the title HORROR, specified by a number or subtitle. The artist works with used cardboard to make videos, performances, installations, and sculptures. Exhibitions (excerpt): SMAK (BE), Netwerk (BE); MARTa (DE); Scope artfair (Basel, Miami); The Residence Gallery (UK); Space Other gallery (USA); and brot.und spiele gallery (DE), De BOND (BE) and BE-Part (BE) and the artist presented an Artist Book entitled HORROR 44, in March 2009.

Steve Schepens 11 Steve Schepens

Steve Schepens 5 Steve Schepens

Steve Schepens 3 Steve Schepens

Images provided by the artist

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