Anthony Lister

Anthony Lister Fat Batman Anthony Lister

Anthony Lister‘s work suggest influences from street art, expressionism and pop art exposing its less glamorous aspects. Born and raised in Australia, his work is influenced by American TV and mainstream media, creating works that, according to the artist, reflect “misguided role models and misguided youth”. His mixed media technique is a combination of spraypaint, brushstrokes and ink, creating different layers within a complex composition that questions the idea of identity within contemporary society taking as a starting point comic book characters. In them, superheroes or villains maintain a human quality, devoid of the comic book imagery associated with them, while also speaking of the double life that these characters lead between their public and private selves.

Anthony Lister Joker Diptych Anthony Lister

Anthony Lister Skelator Anthony Lister

Lister graduated from Queensland College of Art in 2001, shortly after he went to New York and worked under the mentorship of New Zealand painter Max Gimblett. Recently, he undertook a research residency in Berlin, and his travels have extended him to take part in solo and group exhibitions around the world. Anthony Lister’s work has been featured in exhibitions in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. He has had solo shows in New York City and London. He lives and works in New York City.

Images provided by the artist

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