Mona Hatoum at Chantal Crousel

Mona Hatoum Worry Beads 20091 Mona Hatoum at Chantal Crousel

Many visitors may recall the splendid integration of Mona Hatoum’s work in two very different, historically and privately marked environments : at Darat al Funun (the Khalid Shoman Foundation) in Amman, Jordan, 2008 and at Palazzo Querini Stampalia, Venice, in 2009.

The same works presently shown in the neutral, white gallery space in Paris allow yet another reading. Indeed, a number of intimate or domestic elements, integrating furniture, hair, bibelots, drawings, medals, dialogue with objects usually found in the public (outdoor) space: city-maps, canon balls, barbed wire. These powerful and efficient confrontations take place in an apparently playful contrast of skillfully diverted materials and altered scale. They all have in common the ever present consciousness of the fragility and the preciousness of life. As in the past, Mona Hatoum’s work transmits the essence of awareness, unsettledness, beauty and strength.

Mona Hatoum Impenetrable 2009 Mona Hatoum at Chantal Crousel

Photo Credit: A. Osio
Images and text provided by Chantal Crousel

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