Marcial Feliciano

Semillas Papaya 1 Marcial Feliciano

Marcial Felicano‘s most recent work relies on observation and the appropriation of the accidental. One day at his place of work, Marcial noticed in the waste basket a few pieces of discarded film together with ordinary trash that had come into contact by mistake with cleaning chemicals. The acids in the food together with the cleaning products had burned into the emulsion of the film creating abstract forms on its surface.

The images he subsequently produced are a result of the direct experimentation with the breakdown point of acidity in fruits and vegetables that create multiple forms on the surface of the film without the use of the camera or other traditional ways of producing an image. ┬áMarcial comments that his work “is a process that requires time and control as it depends on the acidity of the fruit to determine how much time it is left on the film emulsion in order to achieve these traces.”

Marcial Feliciano holds an MA in Photography from the University for the Creative Arts in Rochester, England. He has shown his work in Puerto Rico, England and Japan. He lives and works in Carolina, Puerto Rico.

Limon 1 Marcial Feliciano

Cebolla 1 Marcial Feliciano

Images provided by the artist

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