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The happiest times of our lives are sometimes tarnished by society, making it harder for our youth to adjust. At times children make up invisible characters and construct masks so they can hide their fears. Personified in a cartoonish way, Jorge Pineda’s characters portray these violent and at sometimes destructive ways. From installations of children leaving swirl markings on the wall to masked children with guns, Pineda’s work makes a forceful socio-political commentary on society’s abuse on children; images that remind us of child soldiers in Africa or a fairy tale story gone wrong.

In his installations, children that seem to come out of a pop-up book (although faceless and anonymous) wear themselves away on a corner or the far end of the room. Although we can’t see them face to face, we are confronted with an image that is hard to bear, but at the same time draws us in for its enigmatic qualities. These images stand for the invisible faces of children in conflict around the world.

Jorge Pineda was born in Barahoma and currently lives and works between the Dominican Republic and Madrid. In 2007 he gained international attention evidenced by his participation in important art venues such as ARCO art fair, the Venice Biennale and the Brooklyn Museum in New York.

Jorge Pineda elbosque.mentiras.stamp  Jorge Pineda

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