Josh Keyes

Josh Keyes A Thousand Points of Light Josh Keyes

Over the past several years, Josh Keyes has developed an iconic and complex personal vocabulary of imagery, creating a unique juxtaposition between the natural world and man-made landscapes. His work conveys an anxious vision of what our world might become in the future as a result of current global warming predictions. The objects and animals incorporated into Keyes’ dissected environments each hold individual iconographic significance. The artist weaves his personal mythology through painting fractured and isolated landscapes either underwater or overgrown with vegetation. The imagery functions as a way for Keyes to express his personal experience while commenting on and sharing his interpretation of world events.

Born in 1969 in Tacoma, Washington, Josh Keyes currently lives and works in Portland, Oregon. Keyes graduated from the School of The Art Institute of Chicago, and later received his MFA in painting from Yale University. His work has been exhibited in galleries and museums across the United States. 

Josh Keyes Howl Josh Keyes

Josh Keyes Hive Mind Josh Keyes

Josh Keyes Lifted Josh Keyes

Images and text provided by Jonathan Levine Gallery

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