CIRCA ’10 brings it home

Juan jose Garcia at Galeria Christopher Paschall S.XXI Booth1 CIRCA 10 brings it home

A variety of artists and galleries from major cities from around the world came together at this year’s CIRCA 10 art fair in Puerto Rico. Local artists such as Omar Velázquez, Roberto Márquez, and Marcial Feliciano represented Puerto Rico this year, each participating in the Solo Projects section. While other local and Latin American artists and galleries were included in the CIRCA Labs Section, curated by Pablo León De La Barra.

Strolling around the art fair, although small, can be quite a challenge when presented with so many outstanding works. Out of all the galleries the one that seemed to stand out above the rest, due to their continuing participation at the fair and for the gallery’s mission and proposals, was Casas Riegner from Bogotá. This gallery visits CIRCA every year and always manages to put together a very interesting repertoire of conceptual works in their booth. Jacobo Karpio from Costa Rica is also a recurrent gallery and brought photographs from Priscilla Monge and a large painting from Fabian Marcaccio. Local Galleries like Yemayá also had some interesting proposals by artists Bobby Cruz, the collective a.e.i.o.u. and Aby Ruiz. Galería Christopher Paschall S.XXI from Bogotá stood out for having works that imitated or represented reality, such as Alex Rodríguez’s simulacra of Art Forum books and Juan José Garcia’s Boxes of Collector’s Dreams oil paintings. What you see is not what you get in this gallery and in the art fair in general. This small but determined art fair is sure to impress.

CIRCA 10 1 CIRCA 10 brings it home

Fabian Marcaccio at Jacobo Karpio CIRCA 10 brings it home

Jorge Rito Cordero Bobby Cruz and Samuel Toro at Yemaya Gallery CIRCA 10 brings it home

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3 Comments on “CIRCA ’10 brings it home”

  1. Carlos Says:

    While visiting the event,I wonder how much one has to pay to have a booth at Circa?…Seems like ‘anyone’ or any Gallery with the the right amount of $$$ can show there.

  2. Fernando Says:

    …just like in other “prestigious” international exhibitions (Biennials); Almost anyone, with the right connections can show there.

  3. Marco Battaglini Says:

    Drums of the past resonate in my veins

    Through a subtle interplay of multiple realities overlapping in the chronotope, Battaglini evidences the contradictions in mental models about the temporal contrast (chronological), and the cultural and linguistic barriers. “Drums of the past resonate in my veins” invites us to think that in today’s global village, with the ‘democratization’ of culture, the evolution of knowledge, information immediacy, immersed in the heterogeneity, the Patchwork Culture forces us to confront with a need understanding beyond our geographical boundaries of time.


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