Daniel Rozin at Bitforms Gallery

Daniel Rozin X by Y Daniel Rozin at Bitforms Gallery

Daniel Rozin was born in Jerusalem and trained as an industrial designer. He is the owner of Smoothware Design, a software company that creates tools for the interactive art and multimedia authoring community, and an Asociate Art Profesor at ITP in New York where he teaches classes such as The World-Pixel by Pixel, Project Development Studio and Toy Design Workshop.

Press Release

Bitforms Gallery is pleased to announce a fourth solo exhibition with New York based Daniel Rozin. Known for his longstanding investigation of image creation – be it in response to woven fabric, stone mosaics or today’s pixel – Rozin studies the very nature of modern structure. Taking its name from the Cartesian axes that organize a picture plane, the current exhibit features three sculptures: Rust Mirror (2010), X by Y (2010) and Mirrors Mirror (2008).

Daniel Rozin X by Y1 Daniel Rozin at Bitforms Gallery

Rozin’s new explorations of mediated self-perception include the vocabulary of generative animation, in addition to instantaneous reflection. Placing deliberate emphasis on the way motion passes through coordinates in a grid, the dynamic movement in these pieces is psychologically charged and deliberately paced to produce emergent patterns of value and feeling.

Logically speaking, the grid extends, in all directions, to infinity. Any boundaries imposed upon it by a given painting or sculpture can only be seen – according to this logic – as arbitrary. By virtue of the grid, the given work of art is presented as a mere fragment, a tiny piece arbitrarily cropped from an infinitely larger fabric. Thus the grid operates from the work of art outward, compelling our acknowledgment of a world beyond the frame.

-Rosalind Krauss, Grids, 1978

Daniel Rozin X by Y 2 Daniel Rozin at Bitforms Gallery

Daniel Rozin X by Y 3 Daniel Rozin at Bitforms Gallery

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