Aggtelek at Luis Adelantado Valencia

aggtelek Aggtelek at Luis Adelantado Valencia

Luis Adelantado Gallery in Valencia presents the second solo show for Aggtelek (Gema Perales and Xandro Vallés) titled Slash Theater of My Mundo opening Thursday January 21st 2010.

Press Release

To call into question the concept of the unique author and turning upside down the idea of the genius creator, as individual and untouchable, is the work of Gema Perales (1982) and Xandro Vallés (1978) both from Barcelona and known as Aggtelek. The onomatopoeia of their name, coming from Hungarian, reflects the dynamic and vital character of the couple. A playful point to which they normally don’t resign their collective practice and which on occasions leads to exhibitionism, provocation and vandalism. Their projects are always on the border between sculpture and performance “There are no concrete roles, and everything depends on the situation”.

For their second show at the gallery in Valencia they present their new project, Slash Theatre of My World.  Part 1 is about a trip made by our two main characters, reinventing the creative process from the analyzed forms. An imaginative epic that follows, in an open way, the structure of the Divine Comedy toward the search of the interior of the human being. In this first part, that goes from the Big Bang to the middle Ages and finalizes giving way to the Quixote, the main characters initiate a trip to a world beyond.

1aggtelek Aggtelek at Luis Adelantado Valencia

Forgotten worlds, characters with ideas of another time and the search of the essence of form in the interior of a sculpture that leads to another new world; metaphor of its search. Two heroes lost between the contemporaneousness and the antiquity, trying to find the essence of creation.  An alcoholic narration before it finishes, holds a jet-lag, and the first “bulky-hokum” story, surrealist-rational that melts in the intestines, an analysis of the creative processes of the past, that in their formal evolution adapt to contemporary ideas.

The double project of this work, which re-interprets the artistic experiment of the principle of the generating act and at the same time, conceptualizes it, into a story that generates new creative and formal paths. A trip to life after death. Another way to learn the image, to penetrate the image. Aggtelek researches the concepts to the end of the precipice.

aggtelek1 Aggtelek at Luis Adelantado Valencia

Someone said: “From the children of the Star Wars generation, this marvelous story arrives: conceptual crap.  A Fellini masturbating ideas. The shadow of Valerie Alone in the lavatory exploiting life and the brain of a Gremlin x-rayed and built in the vision of Dante. A fantastic vision of art history.”

The work of Aggtelek has been presented internationally on a regular basis by the Gallery Luis Adelantado since 2005, when they were among the selected for the International call for young artists, that the Gallery celebrates every year. Since then their work has been presented individually or part as of group shows in Spain, Italy, Holland, Belgium. Miami, Russia, Sweden, Canada, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, Colombia, France, New York, Hungary and China. Among their most recent awards its well worth mentioning the prestigious prize in painting from Castellon, where they received the first prize, and the Grant “Al Norte” from Gijon both in 2008. The first mentioning in the prizes from the ABC art in 2009, which adds to numerous previous prizes from Injuve, Explum, the Ministry of External affairs, the government of Cantabria, and the city of Burriana. Their work can be found in international collections such as; DEPART Foundation from Roma, the ABC collection in Madrid, Circa XX, the Pilar Citoler de Cordoba Foundation, the Foundation José García Jiménez from Murcia, the Foundation Norte from Santander, the town hall of Puerto Lumbreras from Murcia, the town hall of Burriana from Castellon, and the Museum Het Domein Sittard from Holland.

Images and text provided by Luis Adelantado Gallery

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