La que alumbra es la de alante

esteban gabriel quinones La que alumbra es la de alante

In an effort to start developing the industrial design scene, the exhibition La que alumbra es la de alante presents a group of architects and young Puerto Rican artists with the purpose of promoting the design of functional objects, in this case lamps. Designers include Esteban Gabriel Quiñones, Maruja Fuentes, Paola Tessada, Andrea Bauza, Aurorisa Mateo, Eddie Figueroa, Vladimir García and TASK Studios. The show was organized by industrial designer Esteban Gabriel Quiñones, cultural promoter Celina Nogueras Cuevas and the design studio TASK.

Breaking with the traditional concept of the art exhibition, the show presented unique but functional pieces with light as the main aesthetic focus. From a chandelier composed of colorful lighters to a light infused lounge chair made of string, the show presented spectators with multiple ways of thinking about art, light and functionality within the art object.

task La que alumbra es la de alante

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3 Comments on “La que alumbra es la de alante”

  1. nerdote Says:

    The lamp pictured is AMAZING! What is that, lighters?

  2. estaban g Says:

    That’s right those are ligthers. They are used as a reference to the original chandeliers where they used candles. And the ligthers being the contemporary interpretation of that kind of flame. And alsothe ligthers were selected as a contradiction to the opulence that a chandelier usually implies.

  3. K.Z.C. Says:

    Mucho exito… Esta espectacular…


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