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Based in Brooklyn, New York, Carlos Rodríguez uses photography, sculpture and drawing to appropriate idioms from modernism transforming them into contemporary works that often speak of the relationship between the self, the audience and the art object. Playing with the idea of reflection and likeness, the artist often uses mirrors to construct his works, such as Greeting Flower, Fertilizing My Ever Growing Garden of Fears and Kickable Mirror.

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In Negative Plane, however, what we see as the final drawing is the effacement of its surface, as the artist uses an eraser to draw on compressed charcoal on paper. While in Unfolding Greed, the artist arranges triangled shaped canvases to form an abstract composition. Through his work, Carlos discusses the use of “modernism as a system of legibility that holds things together like cities seen from a plane.” In the end what Carlos seeks is for “the art object to be placed in a position that holds together its relationship with the audience and the artist; a common ground where none is an outsider while holding the question of being and temporality.”

Carlos E. Rodríguez holds an M.F.A from Brooklyn College and pursued studies at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. He has participated in several group exhibitions at Independent Space, Maiden Brooklyn and Duck House Gallery. He lives and works between Brooklyn, NY and Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico.




Images provided by the artist

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