BASE(S) at Luis Adelantado Gallery

monserrat soto BASE(S) at Luis Adelantado Gallery

To ask about the experimental implication of the creators and their work is common in our sector, but it is not so usual to question the processes, the structures (Museums, Galleries, Fairs, Biennial…) that negotiate, make visible, endow value to, and also commercialize, those works.

Generally the places, the people and the dynamics implied in an exhibition, when they are tense or carried to an experimental level, it is mostly the artists that take the initiative. In this sense, we have also wanted to risk and to imply us in the production of questions, to experiment with the idea of these processes of selection.

With an absolutely experimental character and trying to ask ourselves about the effects of an exhibition in which the people generally involved in those processes of selection and cohesion, were dispensable and leaving the responsibilities (esthetics, conceptual…) to the machine.  By means of a process as of playing, giving way to mechanical processes, we introduced codes of random filters in our database with the intention of seeing the results and to submit ourselves to them absolutely. These results are the ones that can be seen in “Base(s)”.

milagros de la torre BASE(S) at Luis Adelantado Gallery

Actually the importance of this process is to analyze the results to see on one hand, what degree of “metaphysic” implication the machine acquires. And if, from this selection some agglutinative esthetic speech will result, and also with the idea in mind, to judge “its” selection and the coherence in exhibitional terms. On the other hand, also with the intention that this will generate reflections about the processes of selection in the spectators, those that write down certain ideas, markets and moments that as on the other hand we know, are populated with exclusions, suppressions and interpretations almost always under the hegemony of the curatorial idea or commercial logic.

Among all this we intend to rethink and to return to the base, likewise, from those Modernist ideas in which the machine would be a liberating tool for man as well as those myths on the independence and autonomy of those (A Space Odyssey 2001, Blade Runner…).  Therefore, we leave it up to our computer, and if possible we give it the opportunity to think. We launch ourselves at this experiment assuming the consequences of its election.


Monserrat Sotto, Priscilla Monge, Carmen Calvo, Sergio Bianchi, Milagros de la Torre, Broto, Dario Villalba, Susy Gomez, Santiago, Ydañez, Pedro Calapaz, Carles Congost, Antonio Gonzalez, Joan Morey, Joan Miro, Abdul Vas, Jose Pedro Croft, Miquel Navarro, Pablo Palazuelo, Adolfo Schlosser, Tapies.

Base(s) Mechanical processes for a review of the collection will be on view at the Luis Adelantado Gallery from November 19th 2009 to January 10th 2010.

images and text provided by Luis Adelantado Gallery

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